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 In our studio ABSTAR VISION classes and lessons on vocal training in voice training, proper breathing, elocution, acting, guitar, synthesizer and vocal courses in Kiev. You will be able to choose a class at the most convenient time for you two minutes walk from the metro Shulyavska on the territory of the film studio. Dovzhenko. We provide quality lessons on vocal at an affordable price.
Vocals for beginners and professionals - we have to learn to sing can be anyone. We teach not only professional singers, but if you are looking for a vocal school to learn to sing from scratch - you can do it with us, we are pleased to see students of all skill levels.
We work with adults without restrictions and with children from 3 years old. Methods podbirayustya according to age student. Learning to sing is never too late.
In our school vocal teachers teach Professional. You can select one or more style: jazz, pop, rock vocals, Academic (opera singing). For lovers of ethnic music - singing different styles: Slavic folklore, songs from Eastern and Western Europe, the Spanish theme, country and more.
You will train the best teachers in Kiev, which are used in their practice the most effective teaching methods.
We provide singing lessons for people of different ages and different targets: preparing for competitions, projects, sing karaoke, to create songs, preparing for university entrance, the ability to sing on the stage and see yourself on stage, recording in the studio).


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High-quality training at an affordable price