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  Marina Yurasova
  Singing teacher

Singer, founder of Ukrainian ethno-jazz. Her first solo album, "Oh spring, spring ...", published in 2005 under the pseudonym "Mlada" - became a big contribution to the development of Ukrainian national contemporary music. He is recognized as the first Ukrainian distinctive ethno-jazz album, which is based on the ancient Ukrainian folk songs.
Creativity became a singer, "Ukrainian Music Encyclopedia", as well as a program for the study of Ukrainian history of music in higher music education. Music's first album "Oh spring, spring ..." got into rotation on radio in Canada, the US, Europe and Japan, where it was awarded as the first of its kind a serious Ukrainian project.
The winner of the 1st Prize of the festival "Chervona Ruta" 2009.
Participant of many international competitions and festivals: "Jazz kolo" 2007, "Jazzperfest" 2008 "Country Mriy" in 2008, "the Drum-kolo" 2009 "Weathervanes of Lviv" 2011 "Cherkasy Jazz Days" 2012 "Musical Dialogues» 2012 "Trypilske Kolo" 2013 "Soso Jazz" in 2013.
In 1997 he became diplomantkoy festival "Chervona Ruta", which appears to copyright songs and songs that she wrote for the composers Vasily Tkach and Roman Surzha.
99-2000 In the years working in the group of singer Alexander Panamarjov. Also in 1999, she works as a master of vocal performances and the preparation of the contenders in the genre of pop music at the festival "Chervona Ruta - 99".
Since 1999 takes part in various creative projects Ukrainian jazz musicians and collaborating with Paul Shepeta, Igor Biting, Rodion Ivanov, Alexei Saranchina, Denis Dudko Vladimir Shabaltas, Sergei Ovsyanikova and many other Ukrainian jazzmen.
creating several successful jazz projects, including "Capricorn's dreams" (Dream of Capricorn) 2002 "Children's Project" in 2004 and "Bjork Acoustic Project" in 2005.
"Capricorn's dreams" - is its own vision of jazz standards. The project was created in collaboration with composer and pianist Paul Shepeta. Sergei Tabunscic Song "Capricorn's dreams" included in the album "Oh spring, spring" as a bonus track.
"Children's Project" in 2004, established as a jazz interpretation of the well-known children's songs from Soviet films and cartoons.
In 2005 he published the first solo album of the singer "Oh spring, spring." The foundation was laid albama synthesis of Ukrainian folklore with a variety of modern musical trends.
In 2006 - 2007 years Yurasova Marina and Sergei Tabunscic create a new concert program called "The Dove," for which Sergey create their own interpretation of folk songs as well as writing original songs.
In 2008, the singer came out a few singles, including the interpretation of the two old Ukrainian edges of the 17th century, and the original version of the song by Oleg Skripka "Spring".
Now Marina Yurasova continues the tradition of the ethno-jazz in Ukraine, acts of the program «Ethno Fantasy Music», which consists of the original interpretations of ancient Ukrainian folk songs and works of authorship. It is also engaged in teaching activities for the formulation and development of a vocal artist. In addition to musical activities Marina Yurasova proved itself as a designer clothes hendmeyd created in a variety of modern and ancient techniques of knitting.










Alie Yakubova
The singer, vocal teacher, actor

Singing teacher from 01.2012 up to the present. time
Actress from 04.2016 up to the present. Starmedia time shooting in the series and movies.
Musical Director at 10.2015 to 09.2012 ICPS "Zotoloy key"
Setting voice, ear training base to prepare children to take part in competitions, concerts, festivals. Conducting classes in singing with three groups of actors' center, training of actors for musical episodes in spektakle.Podgotovka concert room with adult theater actors and employees of the center.
2006 - 2010 - soloist of the ensemble "Belbek"
Laureate of international competitions and festivals.
The winner of the TV project Meydan FM.
International competition "Oriental Bazaar" 2008, 2009, first place and Grand Prix.
International Festival in Denizli, Turkey 2009
2008, Turkey. International Festival Turkche vision
Concert in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2015 Festival of the Crimean Tatar culture g.Gdansk, Poland.











Max Prudeus
Vocal teacher

Our trainer on rytorytsi, publicly performing, singing, skill presenter and speaker
He visited more than 30 countries on all continents.
Copyright music art rock band "Billy Milligan Band", which serves as a songwriter and vocalist.
Powered presenter on radio and television. Also worked as Head of Business Development
PocketBook International
Chief os Sales Development
MSI Ukraine











 Oxana Panchenko
 Singing teacher

opera singer (soprano). Winner of national and international competitions (. M. Including the "Chords Khortitsa", "Art premier" "Classic 2016 Meridian").
Spoken technique of singing breathing, good vocal school.
I know the intricacies and peculiarities of singing vocal apparatus.
I engage in singing resonators and complete connection with their breathing.
Work on diction and articulation features when singing.
The man's voice - it is a separate special world, which is characterized by unique colors and options. My technique is to reveal the voice of each of my students and put it right, given the particular structure of the vocal apparatus, the range of prior learning experience, existing skills. Show my students that they - the most capable and talented, and can reach heights of creativity. A large amount of time is paid to breathing, as it is - the basis of singing. The repertoire of exercises and also picked individually. I work with both children and adults.
I have extensive experience performing activity. Energetic, friendly, cheerful, purposeful and demanding. With me you will be comfortable and interesting to conduct lessons.


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